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Cohen Laser and Vision Center in Boca Raton offers dry eye solutions to residents of Boca, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.  Dry eye treatment is performed by expert eye doctor G. Richard Cohen, MD.

Cohen Laser and Vision Center, a full-service eye center, is pleased to announce to the residents of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade County a new treatment for patients who suffer from Evaporative Dry Eye disease. This disease stems from a deficiency in the oily lipid layer of the eye's natural tear film causing the tears to evaporate sooner.

Dry Eyes treatment Boca Raton

Dry Eye Treatment

The Dry Eye Center of Florida at the Cohen Laser and Vision Center in Boca Raton has introduced a new, advanced in-office treatment, called LipiFlow®, which is intended to treat patients with blocked meibomian glands. This ground-breaking technology is also found at the most advanced eye centers in the United States such as Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins, Duke Eye Center, and  Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye disease affects more than 100 million people worldwide. Of those, 85 percent suffer from Evaporative Dry Eye. Other dry eye symptoms include dryness, grittiness, soreness, irritation, burning, tearing and eye fatigue. These symptoms can hinder daily activities such as reading, using the computer, wearing contact lenses and being outdoors. Many dry eye patients complain that their symptoms worsen throughout the day.

Individuals who suffer from dry eye should be relieved to know that in recent years there has been a great deal of research resulting in technology that helps Cohen Laser and Vision Center deliver the very best in treatment for patients suffering from dry eye disease.



"Dry eye disease is one of the most common complaints patients have when visiting eye care professionals"

G. Richard Cohen, M.D., The Dry Eye Center of Florida at the Cohen Laser and Vision Center.

We are thrilled to introduce the new LipiFlow® treatment to help those patients who are frustrated with this chronic disease. The LipiFlow® treatment helps the meibomian glands resume their normal function and patients comment on the benefit this treatment has made in their life.

Until now, the only treatment for dry eyes was warm compresses, over-the-counter wetting drops, daily ointments, and prescription drugs, which only treated the symptoms of dry eye. The new LipiFlow® treatment, however, addresses the cause of evaporative dry eye by unblocking the meibomian glands that secrete oily lipids. In controlled clinical studies of patients who received the LipiFlow® treatment, 79 percent of patients reported improvement in dry eye symptoms after only one treatment.

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