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iLASIK™ Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery in Boca Raton

Cohen Laser and Vision Center in Boca Raton offers iLasik bladeless eye surgery to residents of Boca, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Procedure is performed by expert eye surgeon G. Richard Cohen, MD.

Dr. Cohen has long studied the evolution of LASIK technology. Becoming enthralled many years ago by the potential in its early stages, he continually invested in improvements. Now Dr. Cohen celebrates the reports as they become published from many sources because they prove what he has known for years. First and foremost, most people are candidates for corrective refractive surgery. While there are always exceptions, the majority of people who experience normal loss of vision acuity due to age, enjoy nearly a 24-hour immediate success rate in vision restoration. What patients say most often after surgery is "if I had known how fast and simple it could be, I would have done it sooner."

Second, laser vision technology is safe and proven. So much so, that it is catching on as a more cost effective remedy for the very young struggling with the effects of lazy eye, also known as “Amblyopia” (derived from Greek, literally means dullness of vision.) Refractive surgery’s efficacy rate is much higher than that of traditional treatment because children entering school (the typical age most are screened for vision ability) do not adjust easily to traditional methods that include contacts or glasses. Compounding the problem is the fact that the window for correction is narrow because treatment of amblyopia, in most cases, must be sought by the age of six in order to be successful.

The benefit to society has yet to be quantified because the facts are daunting for the very young to the very old. How does one put a value on capturing visual learning ability for a child with lazy eye? How does a family measure the quality of life for an elderly parent or grandparent who can see better – so much so that a midnight trip to the restroom has a really good chance to be nothing more than a good night’s sleep interrupted. Frequently, fractures from a fall leave the elderly with life-long pain or even end in premature death.

There is plenty of published material to refer to in order to learn more about the potential of the technology to improve human lives. We encourage you to contact our office today for additional information about the impact iLASIK,™  or other vision correction procedures can have on your vision and your life.



Dr. Cohen chooses to use the IntraLase® laser to create the corneal flap because of its unparalleled precision. IntraLase® creates pulses of laser energy at a rate of one pulse every one quad-trillionth of a second. Each pulse creates a microscopic bubble of water vapor and carbon dioxide just beneath the surface of the cornea. Thousands of these bubbles are placed next to each other to separate the corneal tissue at the molecular level. Once the flap is complete, Dr. Cohen gently lifts the flap out of the way so he can shape the cornea using the VISX® laser. Are you seeking bladeless LASIK in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida or another location in southern Florida. If so please make sure to discuss this exciting new technology with our laser vision coordinators.

IntraLase® represents a vast improvement over the handheld microkeratome; a microkeratome is a small blade that was previously used for flap creation. Although complications in LASIK surgery are very rare, most of the problems that do occur are associated with the use of the microkeratome.

Another advantage of IntraLase® is that patients report fewer side effects such as dry eye and the need for repeat treatments after their initial LASIK surgery. Moreover, IntraLase® allows a wider range of patients to enjoy the benefits of LASIK; Dr. Cohen can now treat people using IntraLase® who were previously not candidates for LASIK surgery.

What is Blade-FREE LASIK? When LASIK first arrived as a laser vision correction procedure, a microkeratome was used to create the corneal flap. Over the years ophthalmologists have found that when complications arise from LASIK they are typically from a poorly created corneal flap. Unlike mechanical instruments, the IntraLase blade-free LASIK technology is uniquely able to program the dimensions of your flap based on what's best for your eye(s). Then the IntraLase laser creates your flap from below the surface of the cornea-without ever cutting it. This process is done in a series of steps:

•  Ultra-fast pulses of laser light position microscopic bubbles at a precise depth predetermined by Dr. Cohen.

•  The laser light passes harmlessly through your cornea. Then the laser creates rows of these bubbles just beneath your corneal surface as it moves back and forth across your eye in a uniform plane.

•  Next, the IntraLase laser stacks bubbles around your corneal diameter to create the edges of your flap. These bubbles are stacked at an angle that is determined by Dr. Cohen and is individualized to the way your eye is shaped.

• The process takes only about 30 seconds from start to finish- it's quiet and comfortable. •  Dr. Cohen then gently lifts the flap to allow for the second step of your LASIK treatment. When treatment is complete, the flap is gently put back into position and the healing process begins.

Did You Know? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the US Navy use Intralase LASIK technology for their astronauts and pilots. Dr. Richard Cohen is a Ft. Lauderdale LASIK specialist performing the Intralase Bladelesss LASIK surgery and several other vision correction procedures. Dr. Cohen would like people of southern Florida and Ft. Lauderdale areas about this new LASIK technology and the options at our facility in Boca Raton.

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