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LASIK Vision Correction with Our Surgeon in South Florida

Here are but a few of the many happy patients who are part of the Cohen Laser and Vision Center Family.

We look forward to including you among the many smiling faces who have made the “clear choice” in laser vision correction.

Please enjoy the following testimonials. They are only a few of the letters that we have received …

“… Now I am discovering the wonderful freedom of a life without glasses or contacts! When I compete in sports, I don’t have to worry about my contacts blurring or losing a lens. I can see at all times. No more groping in the dark for glasses when I need to get up at night. It’s a new me! I feel that I am more attractive and think of the money I’ve saved in the long run. I don’t have to buy expensive frames and lenses any more. I am so glad I decided to have Laser Vision Correction. It has simplified my life. I enjoyed working with you and I would recommend the procedure to anyone who can qualify.”

M. Sands

Tim Byrd

“I could have gone to any surgeon in the country. But I chose Dr. Cohen because he has years of refractive surgery experience, he’s a cornea specialist and his results are the best! I had no pain whatsoever! It took less than 10 minutes and the next day I saw 20/15! I have better vision now than I had before my LASIK procedure. I would recommend Dr. Cohen and the Cohen Laser and Vision Center to anyone!”

Tim Byrd “The Birdman” – FM Radio Personality

“I am so pleased with the results from the inability to read my alarm clock in the morning to 20/20. WOW! My only regret after 25 years of coke bottle glasses is that I didn’t do it sooner!”

N. Suchoff

“… Dr. Cohen, you and your laser have changed my life for the better. I truly believe I chose the best person for this job. Being free of glasses and / or contacts is the only way to be. Most people think any surgery involving the eyes (particularly elective surgery) is too risky. I would like to reassure them it is no worse than having your teeth cleaned. What a gift one has with good eye sight, and now with you and your laser no one should have to suffer with myopia.”

R. Rowell


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