G. Richard Cohen, M.D. Helps Chef See Again By Performing Eye Surgery

Renowned South Florida eye surgeon G. Richard Cohen, M.D. recently helped restore the eyesight of a 35-year old Boynton Beach, Florida chef by performing a cornea transplant procedure at no-charge as part of a three-county effort. A pioneering LASIK surgeon, Dr. Cohen has long been active in Project Access, a program of the Palm Beach County Medical Society Services, funded by United Way of Palm Beach County, private funders and other organizations, that provides free care for indigent patients. This year, through the program, Dr. Cohen performed a cornea transplant procedure as part of a three-county effort to restore the eyesight of 35-year-old chef from Boynton Beach. Not only was Dr. Cohen’s work free of charge, but so were all the other services needed to give the patient the chance to see properly.

The cornea was donated by Florida Lions Eye Bank in Miami, South Palm Ambulatory Surgery Center in Boca Raton provided its facility, and an anesthesiologist from Sheridan Healthcare in Sunrise donated his time as well. In all, more than $7,000 in free care was donated for the patient’s surgery.

For Dr. Cohen, the volunteer care was a regular part of being an ophthalmologist. “My family and I have lived a blessed and fantastic life in Palm Beach County since 1984. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever envision a life like this and being able to practice medicine the way I want in the best place in the world. I was raised to always give back to the community, especially to those who are not as fortunate as I am. To help another person is the reason I went into medicine.” He went on to say “I believe that the local hospitals and surgery centers should encourage more physicians to volunteer their time and skills to help others. By highlighting those physicians’ efforts, it may motivate others to follow,” he said.

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